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Spy Ring Rum

A tribute to the members and supporters of the Washington Spy Ring, aka the Culper Spy Ring, that ran East-West along what is now the historic Route 25A. The inspiration for our first rum was attained from driving and hiking on this road for decades, seeing the scattered blue and yellow historic site plaques that run along this beautiful tree lined road. Our very freedoms were originated, saved and supported through the dedication of the selfless acts and sacrifice made by the members of the Culper Spy Ring, who had the wisdom and understanding of the importance of their task. They had the drive and the metal to endure torture, pain, stresses, while risking their lives daily to support the vision of our uniquely American Freedoms.

Enjoy our take of a beautifully aromatic rum, simply made, complexly enjoyed.
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Spy Ring Rum
Tasting Notes –
rich molasses
crisp and clean light molasses
brite and clean with a bigger and surprisingly rich mouthfeel
alternating stone-fruit and molasses fading away gently
Details –
100% non GMO molasses
Alc. By Vol.
Release Date
march 2023
shake well & enjoy in a mojito or with a cane cola. It pairs particularly well with a boylan’s cola or blackcherry soda

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