Life is fast, don’t pass it up. Owner John Pawluk, formerly a Wall Street CFO, twisted up his life to be closer to his family, his community and his Long Island home and friends. In a bold move, he traded out of the Wall Street life and turned his passion for spirits and distilling into a business, creating flavor-packed spirits and opening Twisted Cow Distillery in late November 2022. Twisted Cow Distillery is a celebration of the spirit of living a premium life. Own Your Spirit!


Twisted Cow Distillery, located in the former Four Star Variety and Charles & Sons once stood in Hewitt Square on the corner of Larkfield Road and Pulaski, has an Industrial Farm Style vibe apropos to the venue’s purpose. Hints of heritage are visible throughout, preserved in its original wood floors, up-cycled interior made from lumber from the former five & dimes and built by many local friends of John Pawluk. The entire build is all very much a part of community, friendship and cooperation, evident in the way the Distillery’s conducts its business, Local First.


From sourcing ingredients to sourcing employment, Twisted Cow Distillery has a mission to help raise up the town and community it lives, works and plays in. Curating grains and ingredients from local farms and businesses to working with local artists, even the various suppliers the Twisted Cow Distillery sources for its various needs are tapped when possible. Where Twisted Cow can, it puts the local economy in motion.


Twisted Cow Distillery creates premium liquors distilled entirely on property in the Spirit Lab. We offer tours, tastings, barrels and more. Distilling liquor is a unique and artisanal process that involves a multitude of steps and stages. Come learn, taste, experience and enjoy one of Long Island’s few liquor distilleries.


Twisted Cow Distillery is continually inventing and evolving. Open to the public, we offer tours, tastings, creative event space and more. It is a unique venue for business meetings, trade events, private parties, we host live entertainment, book readings and more. Join our whiskey and bourbon clubs. We have a unique space, come in, check it out and Raise Your Spirit !


Whiskey, specifically rye and bourbon, rum, aged agave spirits, brandy, and more, our barrel room is growing. We offer barrel investments, group barrel investments, and a barrel club that allows a group to own your spirit at a low entry point - a great reason to get together for a night out. Membership makes a great gift! Learn more.