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Twisted Cow creates amazing FLAVOR. From advanced distilling process and locally curated ingredients, to our milling, barrel selection and proofing down of our spirits, we operate at the vanguard of the industry, producing the finest artisnal spirits.

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Twisted Cow Distilling

Spirit in Technology

“If you are going to create something, do it to be the best of your ability,” John Pawluk, Owner and Twisted Cow Distiller. While distilling alone is simple: boiling wort, chilling, and condensing, the art and chemistry behind distilling spirits is complex, accounting for depth of flavor, mouth feel and quality, all surrounded by being able to consistently replicate the outcome. Timing, equipment and theory are as much intertwined in the process as ingredients, quality control and even weather (specifically barometric pressure). Achieving the perfect balance in the congress of elements is where art, integrity and creativity intersect with chemistry, process and production. Historically, stills were designed and shaped to produce various spirits, vodka, gin, rum, whisky, tequila, and brandy for example. Column stills were for vodka, pot stills for rum, variations in design depended on the product and distiller. Technology Distilling Tradition. Today, science intertwining with art elevate the process and the product. Twisted Cow utilizes state-of-the-art distilling technology in our spirit manufacturing. Our small yet super efficient plant is home to several iStills, the industry’s leading technology. We have chosen iStill for their level of control and efficiency in process, helping Twisted Cow produce stable runs, offering greater control over flavor, but even before the grain is mashed in, Twisted Cow is taking the greatest care. Twisted Cow Distillery distills on the grain, generating flavor even while heating up to distill its spirits, taking advantage of the Maillard effect, the carmelization of any unfermented sugars remaining after fermentation. Additional flavor development begins before even mashing-in. Our Meadows stone burr mill slowly grinds at a low temperature, retaining the integrity of grains' inherent flavor while milling. Stone burr mills let us change the degree of milling with the quick spin of two dials, letting us retain the inherent flavor of the grain, rather than destroying it through aggressive milling.
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Organic, Local Heritage

Just 65 miles East of Twisted Cow Distillery, the salt air and sun fed fields on the East End of Long Island's South Fork are home to the heirloom grains and corn that serve as the base ingredient of our spirits. Twisted Cow hand curates our grains and corn from the 6th generation Foster Farm in Sagaponack, where the crops are of the highest quality, and bursting with unique, natural flavor. Harder to grow, lower in yield, the soil, the salt, the water, the air offer a superior environment, resulting in extraordinary grain that carries into extraordinary spirits!
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Distilled for Premium Flavor

Twisted Cow Distillery pays meticulous attention to the intricate flavors that define each spirit. When it comes to exploring the flavor palette, we carefully consider the unique characteristics each spirit possesses, including where each flavor manifests on the palette and the processes we use to create that flavor. In our Series 19 Vodkas, we target the natural flavor of the grain, thats typically hidden by acetone and other low boiling point esthers. We target the inherent sweetness of ethanol, emphasizing the grains our spirits come from. We reveal the natural beauty of the grain when we uncover delicate flavors through the elimination of unwanted factions setting us apart from most vodkas. Whiskies, such as Rye and Bourbon, offer a diverse range of flavors influenced by various grains & malted grains, fermentation, milling, mashing, distillation, and aging processes. From the very first sip the sweet grain character envelops the mouth. We craft our agave spirits (not made in Mexico), or Tequila (made in Mexico) from blue agave syrup that offers an array of flavors attributed to the terroir, agave sugars, and many variables similar to that of grain based spirits. The initial taste typically showcases the floral notes found in agave, with sweetness and carmel & vanilla spreading across and towards the back of the mount for a three dimensional flavor thats consistent wiht a powerful reposado or an anejo style spirit. As an artisanal distillery, we aim to craft spirits that excite and captivate the palate, providing a harmonious balance of flavors that unfold across the tongue and throughout the mouth. with careful selection of ingredients, precision processes & distillation techniques and attention to detail, we strive to create unique spirits and a drinking experience that is both memorable and enjoyable for discerning enthusiasts and rookies alike.

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