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Dune Drifter

Made entirely from 100% Blue Agave imported from Mexico, Twisted Cow Distillery’s Dune Drifter Agave is as surprising in its depth of flavor as is its unique origin on Long Island. A wonderful introduction to Agave spirits made possible through the carmelization of unfermented sugars that is just not possible in traditional steam driven pot stills. Technology Distilling Tradition in full action!

Traditional warm and floral notes of a Blanco style tequila meet body and depth that sip like a Reposado or Anejo.
Spirit Stamps
Dune Drifter
Tasting Notes –
warm, and rich, deeply floral
layers of rich fruit, followed by vanilla that’s only typical of barrel aged spirits
gentle and complex, yet without sharpness of a high proof, unaged spirit
sweet caramel candy, light toffee
Details –
100% blue (weber) agave imported from Mexico
Alc. By Vol.
Release Date
march 23, 2023
a full-bodied margarita - compliments very well with a grapefruit seltzer and a lime - a muddled jalapeno brings some snarl to the party - delicious Mexican old fashioned – beautiful neat or on a large ice sphere

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