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Series 19 Wheat Vodka

Series 19 is a tribute to the Dynastic NY Islanders’ remarkable 19 consecutive playoff series victories spanning 5 consecutive seasons, and built through dedication, persistence, perseverance, excellence and team work. An appropriate name for the flagship spirits of this young distillery. It’s truly unique, with a surprising nose that’s gentle, warm and inviting, rather than an overwhelming medicinal base from acetone that's typical of mass-produced vodkas. Series 19 Wheat Vodka is distilled to perfection, removing cleaning fluid notes and flavors that are curiously common among mass-produced vodkas.

Series 19 Wheat is a traditional vodka, yet clearly untraditional in its approachability, creaminess and cleanliness of flavor.
Spirit Stamps
Series 19 Wheat Vodka
Tasting Notes –
floral and breezy
light citrus and sweet fruit
delicate, with clean sweetness gently reaching across the tongue like warm melting butter, though less than its cousin, Series 19 Rye Vodka
sweet and clean, gently fading towards the rear of the mouth, leaving you looking for another sip of this delightful treat – savor the sweetness
Details –
100 % wheat grain (unmalted)
Alc. By Vol.
Release Date
october 2022
enjoyed neat or on a large ice sphere, or as a mixer with anything but tonic water. This pairs particularly well with spicy beverages and makes an incredible bloody mary, martini, etc.

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