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Series 19 Jalapeno Vodka

Series 19 is a tribute to the Dynastic NY Islanders' remarkable 19 consecutive playoff series victories spanning 5 consecutive seasons, built through dedication, persistence, perseverance, excellence and team work. An appropriate name for the flagship spirits of this young distillery, Series 19 Jalapeno Vodka takes unique to the next level, filling your nose with scents of a bright, fresh garden. It follows up with mouth-filling flavor of fresh Jalapeno that gently reminds you of the complexity and depth of a Jalapeno without the concentrated burn you'd expect.

Series 19 Jalapeno Vodka transports you into a bountiful, fresh garden full of scents, following up with giant flavor that "slaps you like your momma did the first time you talked back to her". The jalapeno gently fades after leaving you with a very strong first impression.
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Series 19 Jalapeno Vodka
Tasting Notes –
fresh, rich garden
bright and crisp followed with clean jalapeno spice
sweet and garden-like followed by broad, mouth-filling jalapeno spice, delicately balancing flavor and spice,
fresh, mouth-filling jalapeno pepper heat gently fading, leaving you wanting another pull of its mouth-watering heat
Details –
100% wheat (unmalted)
Alc. By Vol.
Release Date
december 2023
enjoy in the ultimate bloody mary, on a large ice sphere / rocks or shake with ice into an amazingly fresh garden martini

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