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Rye Dog Spirits

Rye Dog Spirits is a tribute to our family's beloved dog, Jackson. After failing Police and Guide Dog training, Jackson, at just 11 months old was struggling to find a family. Our youngest son put him in his place, immediately creating an unmatched bond between young dog and young boy. Jackson left a permanent spot in the hearts of our family and friends. We dedicated Rye Dog in honor of Jackson's powerful and rich memory.

Rye Dog is a unique expression of our pre-barreled spirits, typically called a white dog. It represents the joy and confidence Jackson brought to our family. His intimidating, chest filling and proud bark copies Rye Dogs first impression, however you'll be surprised by the evolution of how comfortable and familiar your second sip becomes. Enjoy a youthful, yet mature and surprising preview into what will become Twisted Cow's first barreled Rye Whiskey.
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Rye Dog Spirits
Tasting Notes –
initially bright, but rich dark chocolate takes over
requires 2 sips, one to adjust to an unapologetically big rye grain, unaged 100 proof spirit, the second sip becomes inviting and familiar
the second sip welcomes you with big bodied nuttiness followed by dark chocolate
rich, lingering, warm dark chocolate
Details –
95% unmalted rye and 5% chocolate rye
Alc. By Vol.
Release Date
January 2024
none – drink it straight, enjoy

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