Summer Spirits Update


Twisted Cow SPY RING RUM is available today!

Visit the tasting room this weekend and experience the spirit! Spy Ring Rum, another distinctive, premium liquor from Twisted Cow - we know you're going to love it!

Crushed it! Our first seltzer is ready.

For a lighter taste of Twisted Cow, produced in our own backyard in collaboration with Harbor Head Brewery, JODIE'Z Kiss the Sky seltzer is now available for tasting.

Visit the tasting room, sip on this sparkling cocktail, which is the first of many seltzers to come. Kiss the Sky will soon be available for sale in can, so take a cow to a party!

What better way to start the summer.

The aptly named LEMONTUDE is finally here, in time for the summer season.

Bright and fresh, the TCD twists up the traditional lemon drop up with 100% fresh lemons, a dash of sugar and our Twisted Cow premium vodka.

Take it to your next outdoor party, boating, camping, or just take it home.

Dune Drifter, the replay!

Our blue agave (tequila) sold out before we could cork the last bottle. Thank goodness we anticipated your love of tequila (agave is tequila made outside of Mexico).

Dune Drifter has been bottled, and is ready for sale. This release is a limited edition, 1 bottle per person, $50 per bottle.

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